Thursday, 31 July 2014


Mascara is one of those make-up products that I haven't always gotten along with. Throughout my teenage years I pretty much dubbed it useless when used on my short straight Asian lashes. I didn't bother with it on a daily basis, and the only thing it added was time; the extra time it took to remove my make-up.

When I discovered the world of make-up and beauty videos on YouTube about 2 years ago, I started trying out mascaras again and, just the same as last time they didn't really do anything for me. But this time, I persevered. Throw in my discovery of the lash curler and things started to change. I think I tried the infamous "The Falsies" before this one, and even partially convinced myself that I liked it after rave reviews from every YouTuber I watched, but again it was pretty much a waste of time. I have a mix of Ingrid (missglamorazzi) and Megan (from Megan and Liz) for introducing me to this beauty.

Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Waterproof Mascara.

This definitely comes under the "game changer" title. I dabble with other mascaras pretty frequently (and have even included some in previous monthly favourites) in the hope that something will challenge, but I have never found another mascara that holds a candle to this one; and that's including high end. The waterproof formula is a godsend. I was always in denial about the difference waterproof formulas make until fairly recently, but not anymore. Now I can say that the extra time it takes to remove is worth it.

This is the only mascara I have ever used that gives me so much control. It lengthens, separates, adds volume, never clumps and most importantly creates and holds a curl. The brush seems a little strange at first but the small spikes help to make sure every lash is coated.

For my lashes, this is the best in the business. I will be repurchasing and repurchasing. It's gotten to the point that I try out other mascaras and when they don't work I just layer them over this one to use them up. This epitomises the idea of holy grail for me. It's the best. Good thing it's only £7.99.

Do you have a favourite mascara? If so, what is it and why do you love it so much?

Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Waterproof Mascara here, £7.99