Friday, 29 August 2014


Yes, you read it right. It's a Poundland haul. I'm about to tell you why you should always check the make-up section in one of the cheapest stores ever, because who doesn't love a bargain?

I initially went into Poundland to pick up some more plastic drawers which I use for storing some of my make-up. When re-organising my stash, I wanted a budget friendly way to store my bits and pieces and ended up finding these drawers in Poundland. I think they're made for the kitchen and although they are plastic and very basic in terms of material and function, they get the job done for now. (I'll upgrade to MUJI one day - sigh.) They're especially good for storing longer make-up items such as concealers, liners and mascaras. I believe these two bring me up to 8 of these little babies - £8 isn't so bad for storing the majority of my make-up, jewellery and hair bits.

The particular Poundland I visited is in a retail park which is never too busy, and it always seems to get the good make-up. I've had a look in different stores, and it's not always this good but definitely worth a look in your local. I mentioned a Rimmel product I picked up from Poundland in this post but today I got my hands on some L'Oreal eyeshadows. I sort of missed the whole L'Oreal Infabille Eyeshadow train as I'm not always one drawn to single eyeshadows and the shade selection, here in the UK, never really appealed to me. I can't tell you how many times I popped these into my shopping basket in Boots just to put them back again. I haven't seen them in-store for a while (although you can still get them online), and had the feeling I'd missed my chance but when I saw them in Poundland, I knew it was time.

If you haven't heard of these shadows, they are a pressed pigment right in-between a normal powder shadow and a loose pigment. They have, from what I've seen, been dubbed by bloggers as one of the best drugstore eyeshadows out there. There were five different shades up for grabs, and I picked up four only choosing to leave the bright blue. Two of the shades (the cream and grey) have a matte finish, and the others (turquoise and purple) iridescent. I can't wait to play with these and am so happy I waited to grab this bargain. I'm a big fan of the packaging - it looks much more luxury than it is and I'm even excited to try out the turquoise shade which actually looks quite wearable.

I was expecting a lot of pigment from these pressed pigments but it actually took a few swipes to build up these dry swatches. I've yet to try them wet, or on the eyes, so I'll hold my judgement until then. I can't deny that I love the concept of a pressed pigment. I have a few loose pigments which are all gorgeous but I don't reach for them too often mostly in fear for dropping them everywhere. This is a great way to get the results of a pigment with a little less mess. Expect a review coming soon.

What bargains have you picked up recently? Let me know in the comments!