Monday, 11 August 2014


The Urban Decay Naked palettes are some of the most loved and purchased eyeshadow palettes out there, but also pretty pricey at £37 a piece. The latest version of the palettes, the Naked 3 has been out for a while and features predominantly rose gold shades.

The high price point of the Naked palettes can turn some people off, and I don't personally own any. I have swatched them in store and the shadows are buttery, soft and pigmented. Google the palettes and you'll get a thousand swatches and reviews. When I heard about MakeUp Revolution's Iconic palettes resembling the Naked palettes at only £4 I knew I had to get my hands on them. I ended up purchasing the Iconic 1 and 3. I've spoken a lot about the Iconic 1 on my channel, but today I'm focusing on the Iconic 3.

The swatches show how good the pigmentation of these shadows are, with the darker shades performing naturally better than the light. Some of the lighter shades don't show up too well on my pale skin - ha. The stand out for me is the rose gold shade corresponding to the much-loved shade Trick in the Naked 3 palette. 

One of the things I've observed about the Naked 3 is that many reviewers have commented that they don't get as much use out of it because it is so focused on those rose gold shades. Although they are gorgeous, it can be slightly one dimensional and may be less versatile than the first two palettes. £37 is a lot of money for a special occasion palette, but £4 is much more reasonable. This palette isn't an everyday staple for me but it's great one to have in my collection. MakeUp Revolution house, in my opinion, some of the best drugstore shadows on the market and this palette is a must-have. 

You can find the palettes on the MakeUp Revolution or Superdrug website. My local Superdrug now even has a stand for the brand, so check yours too. There's a few other gems among the collection. Try some out!

MakeUp Revolution Iconic 3 Palette here, £4