Thursday, 18 September 2014


I've mentioned my love for the infamous makeup sponge that is the beautyblender a few times, but I'm always sort of reluctant to rave too much considering the high price tag, but not today! You may have seen many people have been receiving the (not so cheap) sponge in their Birchbox subscription boxes this month, and you can get one too.

If you subscribe to Birchbox now for the September box, you are guaranteed to receive a beauty blender in your first box. And then it's up to you whether to keep up the subscription (I would recommend it, it's like Christmas every month!), or you can even just enjoy the one box and be said and done.

But wait, there's more. If you're a new subscriber you can use the code FREESHIP14 to save on shipping so you only pay £10.

Worth a think anyway! A nice little beauty blender (aka flawless foundation) + a sample of the solid cleanser and at least 4 other samples/full size items and possibly a few lifestyle extras too - serious bargain!

Sign up here to get your beauty blender today!

Tina xx

Edit: and they just added Stila to their Birchbox shop today! Eeeep, save up some points now!