Monday, 29 September 2014

LAQA & CO LIB LUBE #30LipsIn30

Today I'm talking about the weirdly-named yet surprising good lip product from Laqa & Co. where they like to use the word lube in their product names - weird. Before we start, that is nail polish on my thumb - and that is why I don't wear dark nail polish like, ever.

This is a little Birchbox discovery that I liked when I got it but didn't really use it all that much - I get bold lip anxiety outside of the house (just kidding ... sort of). I love purple lip colours and this is no different. I'm making a promise to myself that I'll use this one. It really is a gorgeous creamy formula with a minty smell (not my fave but not too strong). I just adore this shade - isn't it pretty?! Product name aside, I'd recommend this one and another rediscovery point goes to the #30LipsIn30 feature. Too bad it's almost over!

Tina xx