Tuesday, 30 September 2014


We did it!!! 30 days, 30 lip posts. And breathe. It's been a little bit crazy but I'm so glad I made it. Hopefully you've enjoyed it too! Without further ado, here's the last lip product of September!

I'm finishing with something from the drugstore ie. where my heart (and my price range) is. When it comes to pink lipsticks, I have always preferred the cooler tones so I thought I would show you Revlon Pink Pout. This is a matte lipstick from Revlon, which has sort of a creamy matte texture making it quick and easy to apply. Because of the matte finish, you'll probably want to exfoliate your lips before hand as it will accentuate dry patches.

The pigmentation is there straight away, and it really does give a flawless finish on the lips. It's a great sort of barbie coloured lipstick which I love! Revlon lipsticks are an absolute must-have and I love the classic and classy packaging. The whole brand is currently on 3 for 2 in Boots so go take a look - there's loads of colours to choose from!

Okay, that's it. 30 days of lips complete. You might not be seeing any lip posts from me for a while (I'm all lipped out!), but I do have some other awesome posts planned and I'm so excited about some of them. Thanks for sticking with me this month. I feel like I'm got some serious blogging experience under my belt (48 posts in one month isn't bad!).

Did you have a favourite #30LipsIn30 post? Would you like to see this again in the future? The more feedback the better.

Thanks for sticking with me, and here's to an awesome October!

Tina xx