Friday, 26 September 2014


The Zoeva brushes have been all over the beauty blogging world for a while now and although I've tried a couple, I've wanted more for a while. Previously, you had to ship them from Germany but now that they're selling on, it is much easier to pick up one or two as and when you need them. I've been loving my synthetic brushes lately (re. Real Techniques) as they are a doddle to clean so I went for some of Zoeva's synthetic/vegan brushes. I chose the 227 Soft Definer which is one of my favourites, and the 226 Smudger.

I have a couple of the original 227 brushes which serve as my most used blending brushes but are starting to look a little battered, so I wanted to see how the synthetic version compared. It reminds me a lot of my Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, so if you don't want to fork out for the collection that comes in, this is a good alternative.

I found the differences quite hard to photograph (not including the colour of course), but I think I just about managed it. I've found that synthetic brushes tend to hold their shape a little better than natural haired and you can see above how the bristles of my original 227 have spread out which I actually quite like. I haven't washed the new one yet (obviously) but I imagine it will keep its shape fairly well. This means I can use it for more precise blending - so the two can serve two different purposes.

I have been wanting a short brush just like the 226 for absolutely ages. I am not lacking much in terms of my brush collection but this is a type of brush I've never owned, but have always wanted. I'm hoping that it will be perfect for dragging shadow underneath the lower lash line as the size means it's a little stiffer than a usual shader brush. It's a bit of a niche use, but as a beauty junkie, I'm more than thrilled to add it to my collection.

Both of these brushes were £5.95 from Beauty Bay, which isn't too bad as they are excellent quality. Have you tried anything from Zoeva yet? What did you think?

Tina xx