Sunday, 14 September 2014


tanya burr lip gloss swatches smile dream sparkle afternoon tea picnic in the park exotic island

It's been a while since Tanya Burr released her lip gloss and nail polish range, but today I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the four glosses I own in today's #30LipsIn30 post. In the whole range. there are twelve glosses ranging in colour, pigmentation and finish. They all have a strong scent which reminds me of my childhood; picking up bags of penny sweets from the corner shop. It's probably personal preference as to whether you'll like the scent but I like it. The packaging is very simple and safe. Each gloss has a doe foot applicator but mine seem to differ in size as you can see in the picture below. I'm not sure if this is because I bought them from different places or if it ranges colour to colour - I think I prefer the bigger applicator but both are fine and easy to use.

tanya burr lip gloss applicator doe foot smile dream sparkle afternoon tea
tanya burr lip gloss swatches smile dream sparkle afternoon tea picnic in the park exotic island

The four glosses I own are all fairly different so I have different things to say about them. I'll take you through one by one.

Smile, Dream, Sparkle is the most sheer of the four and adds a nice bit of shine and sparkle over lipsticks but isn't one I reach for too often. There's not enough pigmentation to really wear it alone (unless you're going for a very natural look) and I have other glosses I prefer to use over this one so kind of a miss for me.

Afternoon Tea was the first lip gloss I purchased from the line, and this one is much more opaque. It is a peachy-pink gloss which applies nicely on the lips and can be worn alone or on its own.

Picnic in the Park is the gloss Tanya seems to mention the most often and is a hard one to find in stock in Superdrug - I found so anyway. It's similar in texture and finish to Afternoon Tea but is a brighter pink. Although I can't really complain about the quality of the gloss, I just don't reach for this one as much as I thought I would.

Exotic Island is a purple which pigmentation-wise is somewhere inbetween the other three. It applies quite streaky at first so you have to build it up and then it fades quite quickly by itself. Because of the streaky application it's one I'd opt to wear over a lipstick. I love the shade and I don't have any others like it in my collection.

tanya burr lip gloss swatches smile dream sparkle afternoon tea picnic in the park exotic island

I definitely initially bought these glosses because I'm a fan of Tanya Burr, her YouTube channel and just generally think she's a lovely person but I'm kind of torn on how much I like the glosses. There isn't too much cohesion between the four I have and it kind of depends which gloss you get which puts me off trying more. I'm still excited to see what Tanya is going to release next though... I'm sure I'll be trying whatever it is!

Have you tried any of Tanya's glosses? What did you think?

Tina xx