Saturday, 13 September 2014


Every girl needs a signature lipstick. For most, it's their perfect nude and others may opt for a bold lip on a day-to-day basis (props to you brave ones). Maybe a favourite MAC lipstick or even one from the drugstore - whatever the brand and price it needs to be one you're comfortable with, one that can be worn every day and go with any eye look. Well, that's what I would want my signature lip colour to be. I've been on the search for my perfect nude lipstick for a while now. It hasn't always been a particularly active search per se, but I have been building up my collection of nudes for a while hoping that I'd come across one. I'm still yet to get my hands on MAC Patisserie (I've come so close a couple of times) which I have high hopes for but this is where I am as of now.

I don't think I've quite found my signature colour yet, but I definitely think I've hit a little milestone recently. I purchased my first Urban Decay revolution lipstick online quite a few months back, in Naked2, and as soon as I opened the box I knew it wasn't my kind of colour - a completely brown nude. I tried it out anyway and fell in love with the formula. It was among my first high end lipsticks and I adored the creamy formula which glided onto my lips and looked gorgeous. I just didn't love the colour so it ended up mostly unused looking pretty in gunmetal packaging amongst the other lipsticks in my collection. I never really forgot about the formula and ended up picking up another online this time in Naked. It will all a bit deja vu-like as I swatched the colour and again I didn't fall in love (maybe a lesson to learn in online lipstick shopping?). This one was more pink toned, but quite warm. A similar situation happened as I wore it a few times but it didn't last.

Fast forward some weeks, and inspiration hit me. One lipstick was too brown, and the other too pink. Do you see where I'm going here? The idea to mix the two finally came to me and here we are. I think this is the closest I've come to finding that perfect peachy pink lip I'm after. It's not perfect as mixing two lipsticks isn't ideal - you have to carry them both, and it's always going to end up slightly different but the formula keeps me coming back. For now, I'm happy. This lip combo will go with any eye look and can be worn with or without gloss.

I think when I finally find it, I'll just know. And don't worry, I'll make sure to pass on the message. Suggestions are more than welcomed. Do you have a signature lipstick?

Tina xx