Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Hello, my name is Tina and I have a blog sale problem. Only joking - sort of. Is it really a problem if I check blog sales every day? ... Naaahhhh. Just grabbing those bargains; totally logical and saving money! #beautybloggermaths (You can feed my addiction by checking out my blog sale here if you like).

Well, today's blog sale purchase is starting off a new feature called "in the mail". I love getting post (who doesn't?), so hopefully you'll love me sharing it with you too! (I considered calling this "in the post" being English and all, but thought mail was a bit more universal. Hope that's okay.) I reckon this is going to be a frequent little feature, as I order things online far too often. A few days ago, a little bit of late night blog sale searching on Twitter led me to Rebecca's blog sale over on lipgloss and lashes, and here's what I got!

- MAC All That Glitters; the mention of this shadow on Twitter is kind of what drew me in to making a purchase. This shadow is massively hyped up in the bloggersphere and I've ummed and ahhed over trying it in the past but was never sure if it would be my thing. It was on sale for £7 so I thought it was worth a shot. I used it today, and I actually quite like it! A nice all-over lid shade which doesn't need much else. It's a pretty rose gold and I'm happy to add it to my MAC eyeshadow collection.

- MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Sample; this little sample was only £1 so I thought I'd throw it in. Again, I used it today as my choice of primer. I noticed straight away that it has some shimmer in which helped to brighten my complexion (something I've been really into lately). I'm going to need a little extra testing to decide my verdict on this but so far, so good.

- Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Sample in Champagne; I'm always up for trying a new foundation and even though I had no idea if this shade would match me it was only £3 so I took a chance on this sample, which thankfully paid off. The colour match is actually pretty good and combined with the MAC primer my make-up lasted all day with minimal fading - success! Also, I love the packaging and how you can see exactly how much product you have left (the little bar at the bottom moves up when you pump out the product - genius!).

- Some extras:

  • Bioderma Nutri-protective Cleansing Cream; I love cleanser samples and this one is majorly cute. Can't wait to try it.
  • Nourish Argan Skin Renew; I'm not 100% sure what this is - ha. Some sort of skin treatment in a cute little pot which will be perfect to keep after I've used it up!
  • AVOJO black peel off mask; I haven't tried out too many masks and this one is designed to use over the T-zone to clear out the skin. I'll let you know.
Any feedback you have on this feature would be amazing; I really enjoyed writing it, so hopefully you've enjoyed reading it.

Have you received any post lately? Let me know what you've picked up in the comments! 

Tina xx