Thursday, 11 September 2014


What do you imagine your dream blogging space to be? Maybe an all-white little corner with lots of natural light, some IKEA Alex drawers, maybe even a few drawers from MUJI as well... yeah, me too. But for most of us we don't have the luxury of the dream blogging space - at least I know I don't. I spend my time blogging on a little desk in a family room where there's everyone's stuff everywhere - #bigfamilyproblems. It's okay for typing up posts (although I wish there a window nearby), but when it comes to taking photos it's not ideal which means I end up taking most of my photos up in my bedroom where there isn't room for a desk.

My first tip would be to take shots from above where possible. If you don't have much space, it's often hard to take pictures straight on while still managing to make the background not look too cluttered. The cleaner a shot looks, the more professional. Taking shots from above removes the task of moving things around behind your products but doesn't compromise on the quality of the shot. I'm personally a big fan of the aerial shot.

Now onto a few budget-friendly props - of course you can (and should!) use things already in your home but I wanted to pick up some simple bits which I could use over and over. A recent trip to Wilkinson's has given me a few more options and ways to fake that perfect blogging HQ. Here's how:

Both of these recent blog pictures (here and here) look like they could have been taken on a nice white desk. Well, they were in fact taken on my bed, on an A3 foam board - glamourous, right? Maybe not, but effective. I think so anyway. Here's the last photo, but a little more zoomed out.

- duvet pushed to the side, phone charger to the left - perfect! -

I picked up two A3 foam boards for £3.50 from Wilkinson's which are perfect for shots like this. I'm sure you can pick up biggers ones too if you need them (I can't find the specific ones I bought online but check your local stationary store). You can wipe them clean with a dry cloth, and blu tac sticks to them too! It also helps that my bed is next to a window which gives me some light (I'll probably go more into lighting in a future post but use that natural light whenever you can).

(I promise my bed usually has a sheet on it - laundry day!)

The two extra things you see in the pictures I also got from Wilkinson's - a cheap small square plate for £3.50 (here) which is perfect for adding some height to my pictures and a £1 cream place mat (here) to break up the white.

Just these three cheap items (less than a tenner!) have helped me on my way to becoming a full fledged beauty blogger (fake it 'til you make it, right?!). I adore the way they look - that clean, crisp white will never go out of style.

Hope you've enjoyed a few tips I have to offer and a bit of BTS action. Do you have any tips and tricks for blogging in small spaces? I'd love to pick up a few more!

Tina xx