Saturday, 6 September 2014


Today's #30LipsIn30 post must be my most used lipstick of all time. The Moisture Renew line from Rimmel is one of my favourite lipstick formulas I've tried from the drugstore and Nude Delight is the perfect peachy nude. This is one of those "goes with anything, just slap it on" kind of lipsticks. If I'm in a rush and just want something I know will work, this is my go-to.

There is really nothing I don't like about the formula of this - it's creamy, moisturising, pigmented, and comfortable on the lips. I really do love it. I even have faint memories of owning this shade back in my teenage years when I really had no business wearing any kind of lipstick - I was seriously clueless back then.

Rimmel has updated their packaging since I purchased the lipstick shown here, but I'm sure I'll be picking up a new one fairly soon. This is one lipstick that I'm more than happy to recommend to anyone - check it out if you haven't already.

What is your most used drugstore lipstick? Let me know in a comment.

Tina xx